Westworld 3 Trailer Teases an Intense AI War

Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores in Westworld 3 trailer
Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores in Westworld 3 Trailer / via HBO

The first trailer of Westworld 3 is out, and it pits AI against AI. The new trailer brings AI face to face; there are weapons, explosions, blood, and more action.

If you have been watching Westworld, then you can skip this recap. If not, here’s the recap of the epic show featuring humans and AI in a theme park created by humans. Westworld is a recreational place for humans where they can be who they are deep inside. They use AI-based robots for everything that they want. They kill, destroy, and do whatever they desire for the money they spend on the park. But eventually, AI is so advanced that they start learning from their experiences and become rebellious, resulting in the deaths of several humans. Some even escape from the theme park.

The latest trailer of Westworld season 3 is here. Dolores, who’s a leading AI, escapes from the park and now teaming up with other AIs. We get our first look at Aaron Paul’s character, where Dolores talks about taking down a mystery person.

Westworld Season 3 Official Poster
Westworld Season 3 Official Poster / via HBO

Maeve, who’s also an AI from the park and was successfully able to escape into the human world, gets a task of her own to kill Dolores. The trailer ends teasing an intense fight between Maeve and Dolores. Watch the trailer below. You can also get an in-depth¬†recap of the first two seasons from the official Westworld website.


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