The Batman Full Batsuit Revealed in New Set Photos


After getting a sneak peek from director Matt Reeves Batsuit reveal, I was anxiously waiting for the full Batsuit reveal of Robert Pattinson’s Batman, aka Battinson. The first look has been revealed in the new set photos of ‘The Batman.’ Different people shared on Twitter.

Last week, Matt Reeves shared the first test footage of Robert Pattinson, aka Battinson, as The Batman. The teaser footage brought us out first look at the iconic cowl and a glimpse of the Bat-symbol on the Batsuit. But, the full look wasn’t revealed yet. The wait is over fans. We now have our first look at the Batsuit.

Set photos reveal all-new Btsuit along with Batcycle. The new images revealed that Battinson’s Batsuit gets the classic ears, and they’re longer than most people anticipated. The photos are of a stunt double, so we have to wait for some time to get our official Battinson look in the Batsuit.

The Batman's Batcycle set photos

Ben Affleck’s Batman had different takes on the Batsuit; however, we are not sure if Battinson will get more than one suit, or it’s the only suit that we will get to see in the movies.

The Batman is set to release in June 2021, directed by Matt Reeves.


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