Season 3 of Stranger Things ended with Hawkins losing their police chief, Hopper. David Harbour, who plays the character, is back in the latest teaser trailer of Stranger Things 4. The fourth season will not confine to Hawkins but take things to a surprisingly high level.

Last time we saw Hopper was in the underground lab, saving Hawkins from the strange things. It seemed at the moment that the blast has killed him, but this season brought him back as labor working in Russia. The ending of season 3 took us to Russia, where they showed someone behind the closed doors. Fans had this feeling that Hopper is alive and will be brought back in the next season. They were right, though.

The show currently doesn’t have a release date, but Netflix has already started promoting it, which means that it won’t be long till the fans get to see season 4 of the hit show.


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