Matt Reeves Shares First Look at Batmobile

Batmobile first picture revealed by Matt Reeves
Batmobile / via @mattreevesLA

Just when I was feeling bored, Director Matt Reeves shared first look at Batmobile on Twitter with the hashtag #TheBatman. The new car looks like a modified muscle car from the 90s, a Mustang GT that looks like a tricked-out version.

Batmobile and Batman
Batman with Batmobile / via @mattreevesLA

The pictures of the Batmobile also shows Battinson’s Batman suit. This is probably Robert Pattinson in the Batsuit around his new car for The Batman. The pointed ears and the drapes on the shoulders, just classic Batman feeling is back within me. I’m also a big fan of Zack Snyder’s Batmobile from “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but this one is different.

Batman in front of the Batmobile
Batmobile rear view / via @mattreevesLA

In this movie, we will see Batman in his early years when he’s trying to be the Batman with DIY stuff. Many fans on the forums are giving theories on how this version of the Batman is struggling with tech, and that’s why we see a customized muscle car in the photos which seem to be a Mustang.

Here are the images shared by Matt Reeves on his Twitter account:



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