Hulk vs. The Thing: Who is Stronger?

Hulk Vs. Thing

There has been a fight over the strength of Marvel’s Incredible Hulk and The Thing. During various battles in the comics, often The Hulk comes out as the clear winner, but it has never really been settled that which character is stronger. The Marvel fans out there might have now received the answer to the most anticipated question – who’s stronger, the Thing or the Hulk?

Spoiler Alert: Fantastic Four #13 spoilers ahead. So be prepared if you haven’t read the issue.

hulk vs the thing
Credit: Marvel Comics

In the past, both of these superheroes have clashed multiple times, but in the latest brawl, Hulk seemed to have an upper hand but doesn’t turn out well. Ben Grimm (the Thing) and his newlywed wife Alicia are attacked while they are on their honeymoon. Hulk is brainwashed by Alicia’s stepfather and is asked to attack Alicia’s husband. This becomes even worse because Ben is protecting Alicia and others. Ben is struggling to protect them even his watch is ticking down the point where he regresses to human form.

Hulk vs Thing
Credit: Marvel Comics

The fight is not going as smoothly as it should be, and by this point, he has lost some chunks from his outer rock shell. Ben and Alicia’s honeymoon was almost going to turn into a funeral when suddenly Alicia reminds Ben that he has a heart – which is one thing that Hulk lacks. After listening to this, Ben punches Hulk so hard that he breaks his arm in the process but makes the Jade Giant unconscious. Despite having a broken arm, Ben finally proved himself to be the stronger opponent.

Hulk vs Thing
Credit: Marvel Comics

The longest-running and the most significant debate has now been settled. Although Hulk has lost the battle, he still is part of Marvel’s most successful and best monthly comics. Remember, the angriest the Hulk, the strongest he becomes.


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