Transfering an anonymous file by using 10 minutes

Nowadays, people has demand increasingly to transfer anonymous files among each other.  As normal, users will need to set up an additianal complex software server for organizing a virtual data channel for secured data transfer through emails. However, if you wish to secure all your private information from other website or Third parties, it is the time for you to find way to keep your IP address out of collecting illigal via Internet and use a temporary email address instead of your real email address. 10 minutes can benefit you to protect all real private information as you will not take any step for registering, entering or providing any data from your own.

Now, you can easily obtain an disposable email from 10 minutes service with no any request for specific configuration. And is the best recommendation at present. Just access  and you can easily obtain an disposable email address without any registration or submiting any personal information of users. And temporary, 10 minutes is a simple interface for users. The temporary email address will be displayed at the top of the page. The temporary mailbox will exist forever untill the users decide to deletes or changes it by access the site and reach to the special control buttons on the admin panel.

The Disposable mailbox remains valid even in case you close the browser or shut down the computer – you just access  again and you can use your last mailbox.
The income email hasn’t automatically updated, in this case you will use the button “refresh” to read new emails. And the email will be availble in inbox only for one hour, after that it will be deleted automatically.
Below is some usefull examples a 10 minutes address can help for transfering anonymous file betweens users

Example 1.

User A will send file directly to a disposable email address of User B. As incoming email are availble only 1 hour, it is essential for uses to use some messenger to control file transfer process. In that case, third parties can’t identify user B as file recipient.

Example 2. 

User A uploads some file to sharing server and sends corresponding link to user B.

When any time, user B can access the specific website to get the file to his temporary inbox  from the server. In this case, both user A and B don’t need to waste time to communicate while transfering file and each will not know the IP address and email of each other. And as expected, the intruders can’t clarify the file recipient is User B.

Example 3.

If any interesting file the users wish to download anonymously from web. He can use any web service to send the file to his disposable email address (instead of set up a complicated communition channel. In this case, intruders also can’t clarify who is the file recipient.
One thing you should take note is all emails together with attached files downloaded from 10 minutes are in *.eml format, as the result you will need to install some email client software to extract files, such as out look or Thunderbird. Now you just need to downloadn the file then open by Outlook, and finally save the file to the hard drive.

And there are so many other example of using disposable email for transfering file among users. Finally, 10 minutes can be the best assistant for you and extremly effective tool to hide all private.

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